Drinks & Coctails

Standard Cocktails


Unicum Szilva   Lime juice   Soda   Sugar syrup

Americano 2100 HUF
3cl Campari    3cl Martini  Rosso    Soda  
Campari Orange 2100 HUF
8cl Campari    Orange juice    Orange  
Caipirinha 2300 HUF
5cl Pitu    Brown sugar    Lime  
Cointreau Caipirinha 2300 HUF
5cl Cointreau    Brown sugar    Lime  
Sunginger 2300 HUF
4cl Metaxa 5*    Orange    Ginger  
Lovers Dream 2500 HUF
2cl Apricot Liqueur    2cl Blue Curacao    2cl Coconut liqueur    Pineapple juice    Limejuice  
Negroni 2500 HUF
3cl Gin    3cl Campari    Orange    3cl Rosso    Vermouth  
Orgasm 2500 HUF
2cl Coffee Liqueur    2cl Baileys    Cream    2cl Amaretto  
Aperol Spritz 2900 HUF
4cl Aperol    Dry Champagne    Soda    Orange  

Whiskey Cocktails

New Yorker 2300 HUF
4cl Bourbon Whiskey    Lime    Grenadine Syrup  
Whiskey Sour 2300 HUF
4cl Bourbon Whiskey    Sugar syrup    Lime juice    Soda  
Godfather 2500 HUF
4cl Scotch Whisky    2cl Amaretto  
Godfather Cream Versione 2500 HUF
2cl Scotch Whisky    2cl Amaretto    2cl Baileys  
Manhattan 2500 HUF
4cl Bourbon Whiskey    Orange    2cl Rosso Vermouth    Angostura Bitter  

Vodka Cocktails

Caipiroska 2300 HUF
5cl Vodka    Brown sugar    Lime  
Cosmopolitan 2300 HUF
3cl Vodka    2cl triple Sec    Crnaberry juice    Lime  
Wow-Wow 2300 HUF
3cl Vodka    2cl Apricot liqueur    Orange juice    Cranberry juice    Lime  
Black Russian 2400 HUF
3cl Vodka    3cl Coffee Liqueur  
White Russian 2400 HUF
3cl Vodka    3cl Coffee Liqueur    Cream  
Riccocone 2500 HUF
3cl Vodka    Coconut Syrup    Grenadine    Passion Fruit Syrup    Cream    Pineapple juice  
Sex On The Beach 2500 HUF
4cl Vodka    2cl Apricot Liqueur    Cranberry Juice    Orange Juice  
Summer Fresh 2500 HUF
4cl Vodka    Lime    Strawberry Syrup    Apple Juice    Passion Fruit Syrup  
Swimming Pool 2500 HUF
3cl Vodka    2cl Blue Curacao    Cream    Coconut Syrup    Pineapple Juice  
Sweet Dreams 2500 HUF
3cl Vodka    2cl Cointreau    Peach Juice    Lime    Prange Syrup    Orange    Passion Fruit Syrup  
Bloody Mary 2500 HUF
4cl Vodka    Lime    Tomtato Juice    Spices  
Peaches Dream 3500 HUF
4cl Belvedere Vodka    Pineapple    2cl Blue Curacao    Lime Juice    2cl Peach Liqueur  
P.G.'S Favorite (4db Shot)    8cl Ciroc Vodka      Eperszirup     Limelé        Feketeribizli 5700 HUF

Gin Cocktails

Gin Fizz 2500 HUF
4cl Gin    Sugar syrup    Lemon    Soda  
White Lady 2500 HUF
4cl Gin    2cl Cointreau    Lemon Juice  
Singapore Sling 2500 HUF
3cl Gin    2cl Cherry Brandy    Soda    Grenadine    Lime   Pineapple Juice  

Fancy & Strong

Long Island Ice Tea 3400 HUF
2cl Vodka    2cl White Rum    Orange    2cl Gin    Cola    
2cl Tequila    2cl triple Sec    Lime
Mai Tai 3400 HUF
2cl White Rum    2cl Brown Rum    Lime    2cl Spitz    Almond Syrup    Orange Juice    Pineapple Juice  
Zombie 3400 HUF
2cl White Rum    2cl Brown Rum    2cl Spitz    2cl Cherry Brandy  
Flaming Lamborghini 4000 HUF
2cl Galliano    2cl Sambuca    2cl Cointreau    2cl Spitz Grenadine    2cl Blue Curacao    2cl Coffee Liqueur  
The Club 2500 HUF
2cl Galliano    3cl Cointreau    Lime    Orange Juice   Peach Juice   Orange    Cream    Blue Curacao   Syrup  

Rum Cocktails

Cream Baby's Favorite     3cl Fehér Rum    Fehér Csokiszirup   2cl Málna Koktélpüré   Tej 2300 HUF
Caipirissima 2300 HUF
5cl White Rum    Brown Sugar    Lime  
Cuba Libre 2300 HUF
4cl White Rum    Lime    cola  
Daiquiri 2300 HUF
4cl White Rum    Sugar Syrup    Lime Juice  
Mojito 2300 HUF
4cl White Rum    Sugar Syrup    Lime    Menta    Soda  
Mojito Passion 2400 HUF
4cl White Rum    Passion Fruit Syrup    Sugar Syrup    Orange Juice    Menta    Lime    Soda  
Strawberry Daiquiri 2400 HUF
4cl White Rum    Lemon Juice    Strawberry    Syrup  
Strawberry Mojito 2400 HUF
4cl White Rum   Strawberry Syrup   Lime   Sugar Syrup   Menta   Soda  
Piña Colada 2500 HUF
4cl    White Rum     Coconut Syrup    Cream    Pineapple Juice  
Strawberry Colada 2500 HUF
4cl White Rum    Coconut Syrup    Cream    Strawberry Syrup    Pineapple Juice  


Armageddon 2300 HUF
2cl Strong Rum    2cl Jägermeister  
B52 2300 HUF
2cl chocolate Liquor    2cl Coffee Liquor    1cl Strong Rum  
Black Army 2300 HUF
2cl Galliano    2cl Jägermeister  
Bloody Brain 2300 HUF
2cl peach liqueur    2cl chocolate Liquor   Grenadine  
Kamikaze (4db Shot) 2900 HUF
4cl Vodka    2cl triple Sec    Lime Juice  
Viagra (4db Shot) 3600 HUF
4cl Vodka    2cl triple Sec    Lime Juice    2cl Blue Curacao  
Kispiros (4db Shot) 3900 HUF
5cl Strong Rum    Grenadine    Sugar Syrup    Lime Juice  
P.G.'s Favourite (4db Shot) 5700 HUF
8cl Ciroc Vodka    Strawberry Syrup    Lime Juice   Blackcurrant Juice  

Tequila Cocktails

Margarita 2300 HUF
4cl Tequila    2cl triple Sec    Lime Juice  
Strawberry Margarita 2300 HUF
4cl Tequila    2cl triple Sec    Lime Juice    Strawberry Syrup  
Tequila Sunrise 2300 HUF
4cl Tequila    Grenadine    Orange Juice  
Latin Lover 2500 HUF
3cl Tequila    2cl Pitu    Pineapple Juice    Lime    Lime Juice  

For Drivers

Non-Alcoholic Cocktails 1800 HUF
Most of alcoholic cocktails can be made for non-alcoholic.  

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